(1174 Andechs – Trzebnica September 15, 1243) was a Silesian princess and patron saint.)

Her sons Jindrich and Conrad were embroiled in a fratricidal war in which Conrad was beaten and later died after a fall from a horse.

Hedwig’s husband Jindrich I Bradaty died in 1238 in the Polish wars along with her most beloved son, Jindrich II, who was active in the fight against the Tartars (1241).
After her son’s death, Hedwig moved to a monastery. The rest of her life was devoted to the welfare of her people and the deepening of the Christian faith. She founded hospitals, treatment centers and monasteries.

She was canonized by Pope Clement IV. on the 26th March, 1267.
St. Hedwig is also the patron of the Ostrava-Opava diocese.