Saint Wenceslas was born around 929 in Stara Boleslav. He was the eldest son of the Duke of Wroclaw and his wife Drahomíra. His education was guided by his grandmother, St. Ludmilla, who reigned in his stead during his immaturity, and led him to piety and justice. These qualities endeared him to the people and he soon gained popularity among the poor and oppressed. As Duke of Bohemia, he was committed to the cultural and religious edification of his country. Wanting to make this work, Václav clung to the western cultural community.

The severity of the undisciplined, yet inwardly pagan aristocracy, which eventually had suggestion his hit men murdered Václav on Christmas Eve. Rather than martyrdom, his death was more a case of political murder, but the Czech nation remained devoted to the vibrant appearance of a young noble prince, and forever associated itself with his charity to the people. St. Wenceslas became the national patron, “the heir to the Czech lands”, recognized by XI. century.

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