Dear Friends of our Czech Mission in California

I was impressed with the Easter greetings I received from Archbishop Graubner and his staff. Unlike so many others, it contained a thoughtful and inspiring message. Therefore I include it here as testimony to what I am thinking about during these days of the Easter Season.

Christ is risen so that gave us a little joy, eased our consciences and offered a helping hand for a better life on earth. He died to give us new life. As Christ was raised from the dead to the glory of the Father, even so, we now have to live a new life (Romans 6.4).

We often hear of persecuted Christians who prefer to sacrifice life than to betray Christ. Without faith in eternal life, would it not make sense. Historians estimate that since Christ’s resurrection about 70 million Christians lost their lives for him. More than half of them died in the last century and today is not far behind. Even today, the blood of the martyrs is the seed of new Christians. While we hear more about the cruel persecutions that rage in the Muslim world, or in communist Korea, China is increasing day by day by ten thousand Christians. The Church in the world is actually growing. Easter invites us to a new experience of faith. We may be witnessing the resurrection of a new church in Europe.

For Christ’s victory
I greet YOU

Easter, 2015