Dear Friends of our Czech Mission in California

Dear Friends of our Czech Mission in California I am happy to invite you to our annual outdoor Mass and barbecue on June 21. When did this tradition begin? I believe we began to meet on Fathers Day at the home of Kuba and Dolores Oberreiter as early as the 1990s. If anyone has an accurate memory of the beginnings of this annual fund-raiser, please let me know. Here is the photo that was in our 40th anniversary booklet.


In recent years, of course, we gather at my residence, our Velehrad in Placentia, for great steaks, potatoes, and salad, not to mention the superb desserts that come without fail from Maria Kletecková. I want to mention that several reasonable people have suggested that we raise our price for the meal, since nowhere else would you find a good New York steak with all the trimmings for only $13.00. My thinking about that is different, and I want to share my reasons with you all. I want to hold to our current price in order to accommodate those who come with multiple children or guests or who do not have enough money.

While this meal is a fundraiser, its price is also considered a donation. Those who could easily afford more are urged to give it to us as a donation at any time. We will always accept more, although, for the sake of those who cannot afford more, I do not want to ask a higher price as the condition of their enjoying a good meal with Czech friends and new acquaintances. I would rather entertain a larger number of our fellow-immigrants, even hoping that some might make it from San Diego and San Francisco.

Please don’t forget to bring gifts for the tombola. This is a fun feature of our Fathers Day picnic, and makes it more enjoyable for all.

I will be in the Czech Republic from the end of June until the end of July. Perhaps I will see some of you there. The ordination of priests in the Brno diocese takes place on June 28, when a young man from my hometown of Dolni Bojanovice will be ordained. I also hope to have time to go on a pilgrimage to Lourdes; it has been many years since my first visit to that holy place. I hope to tell you about it in our next Vestnik, which will appear in early August.