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Our Lady of the Rosary

Many religions use beads to keep track of prayers. Our Rosary, a circle of beads, is like a garland offered to Mary because we pray a prayer on each bead. This well-loved prayer has its roots in the 150 psalms. People who couldn’t read began praying  150 Hail Marys instead, the equivalent of three of our modern rosaries covering the original three sets of mysteries.

Our Lady of the Rosary2020-10-15T23:46:48-07:00

Dear countrymen, sisters and brothers!

I cordially greet you all from Velehrad in California. After a long waiting period for a work permit, I arrived on Thursday, January 30th. So I’m finally here with you, and I’m looking forward to meeting you personally. If you are unable to attend our common services, please call, and [...]

Dear countrymen, sisters and brothers!2020-02-13T21:35:56-08:00

Father Dennis Kriz speaks for the dead and downtrodden

You can read the original article at the Los Angeles Times website. Father Kriz is our hosting priest who serves our Czech community in his spare time and actively participates in our events.    “I have seen the possibility that I could lose my job here,” Kriz said. “I’m thinking [...]

Father Dennis Kriz speaks for the dead and downtrodden2019-05-05T20:35:49-07:00

Introducing Father Zdenek Kriz

Let us introduce you to Fr.Zdenek Kriz, a member of the Servite order, who is currently pastor of St Philip Benizi Parish in Fullerton. He speaks Czech as well as English and Spanish, and has agreed to say some of our Czech Masses, beginning in November at the Polish Center, [...]

Introducing Father Zdenek Kriz2020-04-30T11:23:12-07:00

The Lenten Season Begins on Ash Wednesday 2/14/2018

The 2018 Lenten season begins on Ash Wednesday, February 14, for Latin-rite Catholics with Easter Sunday on April 1. Lent is a favourable season for opening the doors to all those in need and recognizing in them the face of Christ."-- Pope Francis During Lent, we are asked to devote [...]

The Lenten Season Begins on Ash Wednesday 2/14/20182018-02-11T21:32:46-08:00

Saint Agnes of Bohemia’s Story

Agnes had no children of her own but was certainly life-giving for all who knew her. Agnes was the daughter of Queen Constance and King Ottokar I of Bohemia. She was betrothed to the Duke of Silesia, who died three years later. As she grew up, she decided she wanted [...]

Saint Agnes of Bohemia’s Story2018-01-13T19:37:31-08:00

Pope Francis’ Message for Lent 2017

We are publishing this original message of Pope Francis for this year’s Lent which is starting on Wednesday, March 1st. In this article, a roman catholic bishop illustrates to ponder the parable of the rich man and poor Lazarus and calls for listening to the Word. Czech Version The Word [...]

Pope Francis’ Message for Lent 20172017-04-23T18:40:10-07:00
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