Prague 26 January (ČTK) – Cardinal Dominik Duka hopes that the newly elected President Milos Zeman  will strengthen the unity of the nation and will positively represent the Czech Republic abroad. According to Duka, the elections have shown that people consider the role of the presidency to be very significant. Olomouc Archbishop, Jan Graubner, hopes that now that the fight has ended, cooperation can start again.

“I wish the new President to be successful in an attempt to strengthen the unity of our nation. I hope that as a statesman, he is aware of his responsibility towards our country, will credibly represent it  abroad and will base his work and decisions on moral principles of our own European tradition, “Duka said in an official statement.

Duka also thanked the unsuccessful candidates for  defending Christian values and the necessity of respect for the moral issues, justice, social responsibility and solidarity during the campaign.

Archbishop Graubner also sent his congratulations. According to him, the voters clearly decided. “I wish him to be president of all, to be fortunate in choosing his collaborators and consultants, to contribute to development of cultural life in our country and to open new horizons of human hope, which lies in quality education of our children, growing up in stable families with one father and mother, to whom owe respect and gratitude. I wish him the courage to successfully oppose a short-term solution and promote the values of the state which benefit its citizens in the long run, “said the Archbishop.

Graubner added that he was disappointed in the election campaign. According to him, on television it seemed as if it was the election for an entertainer rather than head of state. “Moderators should have been more interested in fundamental questions that affect our future. The only excuse to their behavior is that it was the first election,” said Graubner.


Frantisek Jemelka, Czech Bishops Conference

Translated from the Czech by Eva Loncekova