Schedule of Holy Masses 2019

06 January 2019

Schedule of Holy Masses in 2019

Please keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change. The best way to confirm the date and time is to look into the last issue of Vestnik or contact us by phone or email. 

San Diego,
4 PM,
St John’s Hall
Los Angeles,
Polish Center,
2:15 PM,
Polish Center in Yorba Linda
San Francisco,
12:30 PM,
 Church of Nativity
Jan 12,
Mons. Dušan Hladík
Jan 13,
Velehrad, Mons. Dušan Hladík,
Jan 20, Polish Center, Fr.Kriz,
Guitar Concert - Standa Barek
Jan 6,
Mons. Dušan Hladík
Feb 16, Fr Kriz Feb 17,
Fr. Kriz 
Mar 16, 
Fr. Kriz
Mar 17, Fr. Kriz,
Joseph Party
Apr 20,
Mons. Dušan Hladík
Apr 21 EASTER,
Mons. Dušan Hladík
Apr. 28,
Mons. Dušan Hladík
May 18,
Mons. Dušan Hladík
May 19,
Mons. Dušan Hladík, 1:30 PM
 In backyard Velehrad
  June 16,  
Fathers Day picnic 
@ Bishop’s house, Fr. Kriz
   July No Masses   
  Aug No Masses  
Sep 22,
Mons. Dušan Hladík
Sep 23,
Mons. Dušan Hladík
Oct 19, Fr Kriz Oct 20,
Fr. Kriz
Nov 16, Fr Kriz Nov 17,
Fr. Kriz
Dec 24, 
Dec 25,
Christmas, (
Fr. Kriz